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Every story I've written, liked, and posted to MCL is all compiled here in this master-post. The OOG 30 Day OTP Challenge will eventually get its own separate master post, hence why it isn't here.

The Prom (Saladcrack):
Info: A story that was co-written by me and a friend Luke, it is about what happens when another friend of ours, Ratt, goes to his senior prom.

Prompt Swap For Gummy:
Info: I joined a prompt swap, and got a cool dude named Gummy. I wrote a story about Pause and Arkas gift giving on Christmas morning, not the best quality.

OOG Oneshot:
Info: A story that takes place back in the day of OOG Inferno Mines. Sad ending.

MCGamer VS: Prologue:
Info: A story I originally wrote WAY back in August 2014, it was pretty crap, but a lot of people enjoyed it for some reason. So I rewrote it, a very silly and funny story about Ganondorf (Pause) plotting revenge against MC.

Info: A short story about Adlingtont and heart break, I actually don't like this one that much, but hell, maybe you will.

Mindcrack Survivor: Diffeithdir (Chapter 1):
Info: An awesome Mindcrack/Survivor cross over I'm working on, I really enjoy this. PausexBeef, ZisteauxKurt, and hints of GuudexBdoubleO.

Mindcrack Survivor: Diffeithdir (Chapter 2):

Mindcrack Survivor: Diffeithdir (Chapter 3):

Mindcrack Survivor: Diffeithdir (Chapter 4):

Mindcrack Survivor Diffeithdir (Chapter 5):

Mindcrack Survivor Diffeithdir (Chapter 6):

Prompt Swap #9: Mario Kart'd:
Info: Another prompt swap, to be honest I don't even remember where I went with this... Millbee PoV I think?

Cookies (MCbris):
Info: Clash and I co-wrote this, and it's a super adorable College AU that I actually really like.

Gameshow Story:
Info: Clash and I also co-wrote this, though I definitely took the lead on this one. An AU where Pause signs up for a dating a show, and must choose between Millbee, BTC and Beef.

Eyes (MC / Millbee / Pause OT3):
Info: Clash and I once again co-write a story, in this soulmate AU someone's eyes change color when they find their soulmate.

Outlaws (Songfic) (Pause / Arkas):
Info: Pause and Arkas are lovers, wanted for treason. Story inspired by Alessia Cara's song "Outlaws".


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